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Dawes & Paul Spring

Greenfield Lake Amphitheater

Step into a musical soirée with the mellifluous tones of Dawes & Paul Spring at the scenic Greenfield Lake Amphitheater. On the evening of Tuesday, 16th April 2024, Wilmington, North Carolina, becomes an auditory oasis where folk-rock meets the soul in a symphonic fusion that promises to enchant the senses.

Dawes, known for their timeless sound with hits like "All Your Favorite Bands" and "Things Happen," bring to the stage an pure blend of Americana. These laureates of harmony have carved a niche in the hearts of listeners and critics alike, making every performance a mosaic of lyrical storytelling and musical mastery.

Joining the night, Paul Spring serenades the crowd with his exciting storytelling that echoes long after the last note is played. As cool as the evening breeze by the lake, Spring’s voice takes you through a journey as if each song were a chapter from life's great novel.

Starting at just $53, tickets invite you to plunge in an evening of ballads and hits that resonate with the tenor of our times. The allure of live music in a setting that amplifies every strum and harmony is an experience not to be missed.

Make sure to secure your passage to this sonorous haven. The 'buy tickets' button is your gateway to an exceptional night with Dawes &

Prepare yourself for a night of auditory bliss as Dawes & Paul Spring bring their enchanting songs to Wilmington, North Carolina. Imagine the fusion of soulful vocals and polished alt-rock reverberating across the Greenfield Lake Amphitheater's serene waters on the splendid evening of April 16th, 2024. Spectators will be greeted with a soundscape that promises to linger in their hearts long after the final note fades into the balmy night air.


Known for their eloquent, narrative lyrics paired with intricate guitar play, Los Angeles-based Dawes has carved a niche in folk-rock that brushes with jam band territory without abandoning their commitment to structured songcraft. With the release of their eighth studio album, "Misadventures of Doomscroller," Dawes has continued to cement their reputation as a band that delivers thoughtful music paired with an special live performance experience. fans can anticipate hearing popular tracks from the band’s extensive discography, including the latest singles that showcase their ongoing evolution in the music industry.

Paul Spring

Supporting the evening is the Minneapolis-based tunesmith Paul Spring, whose folk-rock offerings have captivated audiences since 2012. With multiple albums to his credit and a compelling collection of children's music, Paul Spring's contributions to the event will no doubt enhance what is already set to be a night of notable musical excellence.

Greenfield Lake Amphitheater Information

Wilmington's Greenfield Lake Amphitheater is an iconic location for events, holding a capacity of 1,200 guests and boasting features that enhance the concert-going experience. This venue, with its history of hosting exceptional performances, is perfectly poised to be the backdrop for this much-anticipated tour stop. Its all General Admission setting invites guests to find their ideal spot. Contact the venue for any specifics regarding amenities or seating queries.

Ticket Information

Take the leap and secure your chance to witness Dawes & Paul Spring live. With tickets starting at an accessible $53, a quick visit and click on the "buy tickets" button will direct you to Ticket Squeeze, your trustworthy source for a secure marketplace purchase. Don't miss out on the opportunity to join an evening that promises to be a highlight in the musical calendars of fans far and wide.

Come, revel in the heartfelt narratives and meticulous musicianship of Dawes, the warm artistry of Paul Spring, and the collective ambiance that only Greenfield Lake Amphitheater can deliver. Make your April memorable—secure your tickets now.

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