Greenfield Lake Amphitheater Information

Greenfield Lake Amphitheater

When most people think about ideal locations for live concert venues, Wilmington, North Carolina was never high on the list. In fact, it was often overlooked for music venue development due to its location and the relative lack of public awareness of its love of music. Many music producers and entertainment companies didn’t know how valuable the community was towards the live music industry. 

Amphitheater History

But all that changed when Beau Gunn noticed the Greenfield Lake Amp.

At the time, Gunn, who was general manager of Hometown Wilmington Media and on-air personality for 98.3 The Penguin. noticed that people in the area were starved for live music. They simply didn’t have anywhere to go to feed that overwhelming need.

So he discovered the venue that was originally constructed in 1962 as a cooperative effort between Wilmington and the Wilmington Rotary Club. He helped facilitate the reconstruction of the venue in a half-million dollar project funded by the 2006 Parks and Greenspace Bond and the city’s Capital Improvements Program. This renovation included an expanded cover for the stage, an attached stage house with shower and dressing room, new concessions and restroom buildings, and freshly updated landscaping.

Gunn used the location as a venue for a concert in May 2008. And since then, the company produced more live shows and even hosted about 90% of their concerts at the renovated Greenfield Lake Amp.

As you can guess, The Penguin had a hand in shaping the listenership that was attracted to the venue. And this meant a focus on non-mainstream musicians with a heavy leaning towards folk and jam. This led to a tagline that defined what the venue was about: “a different kind of bird”, where it plays songs and hosts artists that would struggle to find airtime on other stations.

In addition, The Penguin plays records rather than cherry picking one or two hits from their bands. And Gunn believes that this makes for a more engaged audience. And that means that audiences tend to enjoy the music a lot more than they ordinarily would. In turn, this means more engaged audiences who are there to celebrate the total expression of visiting musicians rather than just the one or two hits that make it to the radio.

And it seems to work. So since the 2008 renovation, the venue has become a popular destination for a variety of touring bands. Which has also earned it the attention of Live Nation who now manages the venue.

The Best Live Music Experience

But what makes Greenfield Lake Amphitheater sparkle for its frequent guests and visitors? Is it the variety of music that can be heard on the stage week by week? Or maybe it’s the fully packed venue with its mouth watering dishes, refreshing beers and beverages, and the friendly staff. Or maybe it’s the warm and receptive crowds that make the venue shine? It’s hard to pinpoint one specific feature that stands out above all the others, since Greenfield Lake Amp checks all the boxes.

Whatever you look for in a live music experience can be found at the venue. Many bands consider the Greenfield Lake crowds the best they ever played in front of. And many audiences feel that even the most laid back bands have a certain energy that’s present once they hit the stage. Whatever it is, the message is clear.

Greenfield Lake Amphitheatre is home to stunning entertainment.

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